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It sucks to lose, it sucks.

But it was a tough series. Adams is a 7-footer, weighing pounds; Ibaka is listed at , Big men are typically at a disadvantage in isolation against smaller, more creative players, but Adams and Ibaka are earnest, athletic defenders who contested and occasionally deflected a Curry or Thompson launch earlier in the series.

Is it easy shooting over an aggressive, skyscraping wingspan, pump-faking, sidestepping, creating just enough space to release with dead-on accuracy from that far away? Try it sometime.

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See how it goes. Curry hit seven 3-pointers in Game 7. Thompson, coming off a single-game playoff record of 11 3s on 18 attempts in the crucial Game 6 in Oklahoma City, nailed six. In the fourth quarter, they were daggers to the heart of a team more than holding its own from inside the 3-point line. Curry and Thompson each surpassed the previous individual high of 28 3-pointers held by Ray Allen and Dennis Scott made in a single N. Amid it all, Bill Simmons posted on Twitter that 30 years ago, in the finals, Boston and Houston combined to hit 17 3-point shots in an entire six-game series won by the Celtics.

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And that Boston team, anchored by Larry Bird, won 67 games in , losing once at home, and certainly staked its claim as one of the greatest in N. Many of us who covered sports in that decade have argued that it was the N. Make no mistake: A generation of Jordan worshipers was poised to gloat had the Thunder been able to close out the Warriors. It will be again if James can deliver a championship to Cleveland.

For all their titles, perhaps the true appraisal of the Jordan-era Bulls came in the season, when Jordan walked away to flail at minor league breaking balls. They proved to be much more than a backup band, the Jordanaires, when they came within one highly questionable foul call on Pippen of going home with a chance to finish off the Knicks and advance to the Eastern Conference finals.

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But what they lacked without Jordan was another closer, or coldblooded scorer, to achieve what Thompson did when he dropped 41 points on the Thunder in Game 6. Against the Thunder, the Warriors had to deal with Draymond Green slumping and flirting with suspension while they fell into a three-games-to-one hole. With the confidence of Westbrook and Kevin Durant soaring, with Curry struggling to reclaim his rhythm, the Warriors still rallied for three straight victories against a long and talented team that had taken out the win San Antonio Spurs.

And that may be our truest basis for comparing teams from different eras, rules and styles: What and whom must a champion endure and overcome? The Warriors made 73 wins look almost too easy, tempting those commonly referred to as haters to question or deride the quality of the competition, in the interests of historical context. Forget all that now. Fique atento! Todos devem puxar a alavanca para ganhar acesso ao teleport ao norte.

Note que nesta sala existem alguns tipos de "ambientes". Cada jogador deve completar pelo menos um par de salas para ter acesso ao teleport que fica ao sul. Por exemplo: a criatura nasce do lado esquerdo e deve ser levada para o lado direito, logo, todos os jogadores devem estar na sala do lado direito no momento em que a criatura entrar na sala.

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Entre no teleport para ser teleportado de volta a Darashia. You hear a whisper: 'You will not be guided but your path shines in the colours blue, red and green. Heed this hierarchy.

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A booming sound almost deafens you. From somewhere deep within you hear a whisper: 'Grass Para liberar o The Shatterer das correntes que o aprisionam, 4 alavancas devem ser acionadas. Evite ficar de frente com o The Shatterer. Siga para o sul. O Ragiaz aparece juntamente com quatro Death Dragons.

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  4. Passando pelo NPC, suba um andar e siga para a escada que leva ao andar de baixo. No castelo, siga para o norte. Ataque-o com tudo o que tiver, ele possui bastante HP.